Twitter Software – Applications

Twitter is a simple social micro blogging site. The main page on Twitter has only one message box which you can use to post your tweets. Apart from that you have the followers list and profile tweets of your followers and those whom you follow. On second thought you may be wondering how such a simple site can be called revolutionary! Twitter might be simple. However, there are many third party Twitter applications that are making Twitter much more interesting and integrated.

Tweet Deck is the most famous Twitter third party application. Tweet Deck calls itself “a simple and fast way to experience Twitter.”  It allows you to tweet from your phone. Tweet Deck allows you to integrate many of your other social networking sites at one place. The web is so complex and we do so many things that we do not have the time everyday to see what is happening everywhere. Tweet Deck solves that problem by integrating all your social sites at one browser. You will get to see in a snapshot, which sites are updated and where the action is. Moreover, Tweet Deck organizes the tweets in directory formats which allow you to add to your list, the tweeters who share the same interest as you, much faster! Apart from that, Tweet Deck shows you the most popular tweet lists as well.

Group Tweet is another third party application of Twitter which is very useful. You may have many different interest and ay want to run your campaign or post issues based on certain topics. Maintain group on Twitter and use activate that group on Group Tweet to send messages to relevant groups. This way, the tweet will only be viewed by the people on that particular group list. Group Tweet helps businesses, classrooms, friends of different interest groups or projects to send private messages to one another without tweeting to the entire list of followers.

Digsby is as revolutionary as Twitter itself. Tweet Deck allows the integration of social networking sites. Digsby takes it one step further and allows you to integrate your email and chat accounts as well; Hotmail, Yahoo, AIM, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more applications are brought together by Digsby on one single platform!

Tweetpic and Bubble Tweet, allows Twitter users to share pictures and videos respectively. Twitter was supposed to be a simple 140 character text social micro blogging site! Tweetpic and Bubble Tweet have brought Twitter to another level and attracted many more users to tweet with integrating pictures and videos in the tweet!

There are many more third party Twitter applications on the web. Via trial and error, you will be able to find some applications that you can use to integrate with your Twitter account get more mileage on your Internet marketing activities.

Originally posted 2010-02-08 21:54:39.