Why twitter is a popular website

Why are you using Twitter?

Twitter is considered as one of the mostly used and visited social networking websites. Once it was on a much smaller scale and really small traffic used the website. But with the immense shoot up in the social networking concept, websites like Facebook, myspace and twitter have become extremely common, famous and well known. It is really hard to come up in a saturated market of social networking websites. But Twitter has tried really hard in its business and got the stage.  There are many reasons why people prefer twitter. In this article, some of the core reasons will be discussed why twitter is so popular.

Easy and Simple: Twitter

One of the main reasons why Twitter is extremely common among all age groups is the ease and flexibility is provides to the user. Every age group is able to access the twitter interface with an extreme ease and simplicity. From micro-blogging to photo sharing, the easy to use interface allows everyone to share their life with their friends and colleagues. Other social networking websites are much more complicated and hard to learn. But twitter is extremely simple and does not contain any hidden buttons or features that require one to ask from some other.

Twitter does not appear very fancy and stylish in its main page. This is the reason why it is extremely fast and accepted among a number of people. Twitter has an easy to understand interface with simple and easy buttons to use. At the same time, Twitter also offers features to savvy people. Searches and trends can also be found on twitter as well.


TwitterThere are a number of desktop as well as mobile applications for all your tweeting needs. It makes it extremely flexible and usable from any part of the world. A long list of applications can be learnt from their own website. There are applications for each and every age group. People can find different application for their requirements and their own specified type of fun.

Dozens of applications hosted by third party are placed on the twitter website. This is because of the fact that twitter has launched its API. It allows almost every third party like Zynga to have their applications on several social networking websites. The applications are about anything and you can play a wide variety of games using these applications.

A community place:Twitter

This is the main reason why every social networking website flourish and become extremely common and well known. A better community place allows your friends, family and colleagues to join their hands, have fun and gossip at one place.


Twitter is a very common and well known social networking website allowing you to meet with millions of people around the world, share photos, share your ideas and creativity. It is proved as a hub for the people of all of the continents. In addition to learning activities, twitter also provides you a lot of business and marketing opportunities. (@BrandonSheley)

Originally posted 2010-01-27 21:51:11.