Twitter is Important to My Business

If you are an online business owner, your first priority after developing your product or service is to find the people that will make your business a success. Marketing your business is a huge task and Twitter can help you immensely in that regard.twitter-for-business

If you are developing a plan to marketing your business or you are in the process of doing so. It may include article marketing, social network marketing and viral marketing. In the social network marketing section, you should focus on Twitter.

It’s more than just a site for keeping up with the status updates of everyday life. Sure, you’ve heard that celebrities and others tweet about their dinner plans, vacations and pop culture but those same people can be hearing from you about your business.

Twitter is a micro-blogging type of forum. You can talk to anyone who will listen to you. It’s the quickest way to get people interested in new product offerings, contests, prize giveaways plus much more. Twitter is free to use so you can post a link to your Twitter account on your business website or blog. (@BrandonSheley)

One thing that is hard to keep up with is customer service. Providing timely customer service is the key to customer loyalty and increased sales. It is hard to manage email accounts when you are trying to market your business and fill orders.

As an alternative – turn to Twitter. When a customer posts a customer service question on Twitter you can reply or direct them to different areas of your website that offer support or answer their question. Instead of sticking by the telephone or using an answering service (especially for small businesses), connect with your customers from your PC or your mobile device.

The platform is favorable for real-time communication with a group of people (w/ hash tags) or one person at a time (via @reply). Twitter allows you to send update your status with new product information, and all your followers will see it instantly. Your customers can tweet back or follow the link in your tweet to the website page with your new products. The best scenario is that your followers will retweet (RT) your message to all their followers.

You can use various Twitter tools to make your business account easier to manage. Applications, such as TweetDeck, Twitterfeed, Twhirl, Seesimc and TrackThis can be used to manage business groups, get Twitter notifications, send draft tweets to all of your customers, track packages and/or backup all business communication from Twitter.

Check out our site to see all the social networking articles and tools available. Twitter is just one tool that every business owner shouldn’t live without. Hopefully I’ve enlightened a few of our readers, and if you’re already on Twitter, we would greatly appreciate it if you would retweet this article.

Originally posted 2009-07-28 22:07:28.