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I’m addicted to vBulletin Forums

Let’s face it, I’m addicted to vBulletin, are you addicted to vBulletin? Who could honestly stay away from the backend of vBulletin, I’m addicted to vBulletin and couldn’t stay away long. With the vBulletin Services that I offer, it’s very helpful to have a site setup to tweak settings even if it[…]

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Build Your Personal Brand

How do you brand yourself or your business, where do you stop? I’ll list off some of the ways I’ve continued to build my brand, and some things you can do to build your personal brand. As some of you know, I recently sold a website dedicated to helping vBulletin[…]

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Strengthen your Community w/ Social Media

I’ve been playing with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for a little over a year now, but really got into them the last 10 months when I saw the enormous opportunity to get my name out and find others with similar interests as myself. I’ll outline a few[…]

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