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5 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Most common mistakes in Social Media Marketing Slow Response on Social Media The pace of content on the web is fast, and that means that you have to keep up in Social Media Marketing. If a customer asks you something or has a concern, it would be wise to respond[…]

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Twitter Software – Applications

Twitter is a simple social micro blogging site. The main page on Twitter has only one message box which you can use to post your tweets. Apart from that you have the followers list and profile tweets of your followers and those whom you follow. On second thought you may[…]

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Why twitter is a popular website

Why are you using Twitter? Twitter is considered as one of the mostly used and visited social networking websites. Once it was on a much smaller scale and really small traffic used the website. But with the immense shoot up in the social networking concept, websites like Facebook, myspace and[…]

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