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12 Steps for Conducting a Successful Social Media Audit

A social media audit is equivalent to a marketing health and wellness check-up. It’s an opportunity to proactively check the vitals, DNA, circulation, deficiencies, activity levels of your social media efforts. Auditing the performance and outcome of your social media marketing gives insights on how your brand compares to the[…]

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Forget me not: 3 steps to make your PPC ads more memorable

What makes some ads stick in your mind, while others are instantly forgotten and relegated to the trash heap of online noise we’re exposed to every day? Have the memorable ad creators simply struck it lucky? Have the others taken general advertising principles, done some brainstorming and hoped for the[…]

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How to Plan a Blog Post in 6 Easy Steps

It can be a challenge to write high-quality, compelling content for an audience. But the more planning and preparation you do for these projects ahead of time, the better your finished product will be. This is true for most scenarios in life. Writing interesting, insightful, and educational content for readers[…]

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