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Analyzing Facebook Lead-In Text Length

We exported all of the link posts we published for the last 6 months, over 3,000 in all, and analyzed post performance across groups in 40-character increments. We chose groups of 40 because prior research in this area concluded that Facebook posts that were 40 characters or fewer performed best.[…]

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LinkedIn Marketing Shouldn’t be Overlooked

I’ve been a LinkedIn member for several years now, in fact, I signed up on December 11th 2007 at 2:07 AM according to my profile dump. Which everyone is able to access, it’s interesting to look back and see what I spent my time doing. I remember using the question[…]

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What the Bigwigs Do for Social Media Marketing

Those who are exploring the expansive world of social media and digital marketing could learn a thing or two about it from the bigwig companies who have made it to the top of their business niche. 5 companies and their strategies for handling Social Media Marketing: AT&T Overall, AT&T knows[…]

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