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Do you use vBulletin or IP.Board?

My thoughts on vBulletin and IP.Board. If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I ran a vBulletin powered forum for many years and just recently sold it. I’ll try to outline a few of the reasons why I “switched to the dark side” and setup an Invision Powered Services[…]

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What does it take to be a successful forum owner?

I’ll go over what it really takes to be a successful forum owner and how you should go about building your empire in the following weeks. I have a few people that I’ve already mentioned this blog post to, and they are very interested in being showcased. If you’ve built[…]

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Running a vBulletin Powered Forum

Are you a forum owner, or would you like to be? Forums require a script and hosting to run. I’ll quickly go over some of the basics that you’ll need to setup your own forum. First off the script, I prefer vBulletin, but you can use IPB as well as[…]

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