Suggested SEO Tools and how to use them?

What are SEO Tools and why do I need them?

It is very easy to conceptualize and create your own website in any way you can imagine but without proper SEO tools and digital marketing it will all be for nothing. It’s often difficult explaining things like optimizing for SEO and getting yours website to the top rankings in the search engines. There are so many small things and details, which you have to consider like the structure of your website, the content, the unique and general keywords, the headings, the title tags and the Meta tags, the anchor texts and the links.

When you are optimizing your site for the search engines, you have to do many things, which are repetitive in nature. These SEO tools make it easier for us to perform these tasks.

There are many other advantages of using the SEO tools like:SEO tools

  • They save your time, as they are able to perform the tasks within minutes.
  • They make your optimization convenient as they automate the SEO at every step, thus making your optimization better organized and more efficient.
  • They use proven techniques, which give good results and hence you don’t waste time in using ineffective methods.
  • They allow you to multitask, that way you can perform various tasks simultaneously.
  • They allow you to analyze all the data.
  • They can even work automatically.

Your work history is automatically saved, as the SEO tool collects and archives the information and other changes that you have made, so that you can see at a later stage, if you have made any mistakes. The most important point being that they are automatically adjusted according to the needs if the SEO environment changes.

Now that we are aware of the benefits of the SEO tools, lets us talk about the different types of SEO tools. Depending upon the type of work they are able to perform the SEO tools can be classified as:

Keyword Discovery Tools, which are important to find the keywords that your site needs.

Some of the popular keyword discovery tools are:

  • Google Adwords External Tool is very relevant as it gives the actual number of the searches a keyword has generated per month.
  • AdCenter Keyword Group Detection, which is a Microsoft’s tool that helps in analyzing the words or phrases.
  • Term Extractor extracts the keywords form any given URL.
  • Keyword Volume Tools give you an estimate on how many clicks and search traffic has a particular keyword generated. Some of the popular keyword volume tools are:
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool uses the word tracker’s API to get an estimate on the volume generated by the keywords.
  • Keyword Density Tools help in analyzing how much the keyword is targeted in the specific webpage. The most popular keyword density tool is—
  • Term Target Tool, which takes the URL and the keyword and tells you how much you have scored.
  • Backlink Tracker Tools keep track of how many sites are linking to your site. Some of the backlink tracker tools are
  • Yahoo “linkdomain:” query prepend, where by typing the link and the domain name, you are able to get the number of links that domain has
  • Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools, You’ll be able to see every backlink to your site if you submit a sitemap.
  • Site Explorer Tool is the Yahoo’s backlink tracker tool, which keeps and eye on both the inbound links and the outbound links.

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