What does it take to be a successful forum owner?

I’ll go over what it really takes to be a successful forum owner and how you should go about building your empire in the following weeks. I have a few people that I’ve already mentioned this blog post to, and they are very interested in being showcased. If you’ve built a successful forum and would like me to do a blog post on you, please contact me via email and I’ll consider adding you to the list.
Some of the topics I’ll highlight will be.community

  • How you can easily build backlinks and traffic to your forum.
  • What you should consider when building your community (members point of view)
  • What topics/threads should you start up on your forum?
  • Should you use a CMS?
  • Types of sites you can build to support your forum.
  • What forum script I would suggest.
  • Check out the competition.

I’m looking forward to writing these reviews, I’ve had the privilege of watching these forums grow up while I ran vBulletin Setup and I’m honored to have known these admins.

Here is my first article in the series. (I’ll update this list as the articles get published)

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Originally posted 2009-11-24 11:03:24.