Social Bookmarking For Dummies

Social bookmarking has been around for quite some time now. More number of people are resorting to social bookmarking through popular networks – Twitter, Stumble Upon, and Delicious.  So what is social bookmarking? To put in simple words a social bookmark is similar to your book’s bookmark where you keep a placeholder to start reading again the next time you open the same page.

Social bookmarks categories your website based on its niche. You could submit your website on all popular social bookmarking sites based on the categories – Social Media, Business, Websites Updates etc. You may get to choose your site as blog or content management system or any other platform.

Tags, Title and Description of your website are some of the essentials that you would require while marketing your website through social bookmarking sites. It is imperative to note that social bookmarking also draws a sizable amount of traffic on your website. And if you have been wondering how is that possible? The answer is that major search engines including Google and Yahoo are friendly to the bookmarking sites. You can achieve a higher indexing rate if you bookmark, needless to mention that they also act as a source of a back link for your website.

Bookmarking your website is pretty simple and easy. You can explore some of the popular social bookmarking sites by creating an account with them and submitting your website. Within few days you would experience an increase in traffic and better indexing of your content on all major search engines. You are all set to earn through affiliates once you start to get a sizable amount of traffic through bookmarks. So what are you waiting for? Get set going and submit your website or blog to major social networks and start realizing the benefits.

Originally posted 2009-11-30 15:23:49.