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Sheley Enterprises is official, You are reading the blog of a business owner 🙂

I have started “Sheley Enterprises” Basically I’ll be doing the same thing as I was doing before but I’ll have keep track of revenue for tax purposes.

Sheley Enterprises

I’ve made a page that explains some of what I offer to clients and I’ve been getting strong support from some well known vBulletin sites and developers about my services. So all as been good as far as the websites go.

I should be getting a cell phone in the next few weeks and will be posting my number for clients.

We just got back from an art show this afternoon and picked up our first original piece by Terry Maxwell. It’s bad ass, like 36 x 8 inches!

We’ve been working on a new shed out back. The last one was rotten and falling over, we needed a new one. The one we’re building now is about the same size as the last, just a little taller.

I’ve been playing a lot of disc golf with some friends on mine during the day, it’s a fun game and best of all.. It’s Free ! Topeka has 3 or 4 course, but I’ve only made it to two of them.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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Originally posted 2009-06-02 21:20:43.