How One Authoritative Article Can Help in Internet Marketing?

We have heard all the Internet marketers say that Content is King. This is probably one of the most used and most read three-word line on the Internet. Well, it is true. And sticking that thought in your mind can make you a good Internet marketer and turn your every website project into a complete success.

With this popular adage in mind, article marketing was born. While it is true that article marketing is one way of creating a stronger link building campaign for your site, professional Internet people will tell you another thing. More than sending traffic to your site, article marketing can do more than just a link back.

Informative and factual articles can give your site authority. Respect is crucial in the online world too. If your website gives factual and up to date information, then it will most likely gain repeat visitors and not just random traffic coming from search engines. Sure, once in a while you will get your traffic from your links from article directories, but what will make your visitors click Ctrl-D on their keyboard to bookmark your website? They do that only when you give them the impression that your website has the authority to send out the information that they need.

So how you can claim that your website has authority? Send out authoritative and factual articles you can spread on article directories. You cannot imagine how one authoritative article can help your website. It can send you targeted visitors who will keep coming back to your site for more good content.

Sure, you can get high traffic with high density, keyword-rich articles you spread on article directories. But you can get way much better and grander results if you add authority to these articles you spread out.

Is quality better than quantity? That may be debatable in the Internet world. But let’s take a look at a real-world example. Branded bags like Louis Vouitton are always craved for by all women in all parts of the globe because of the quality bags and designs they produced. Compared that to mass produced knock-off bags that are low in quality- which one is a big hit? You know better.

How do you start off with article marketing? Write good and authoritative articles that are well-researched and factual. Do not think that you can write a good article under an hour. Take time to create a good topic for your article. Design a good structure and research about the stuff that you intend to put on it.

If you do not have time to do the writing, hire a good, quality writer who knows what he is talking about. If your website is something about car drifting, then don’t go for a random writer writing a penny per word that doesn’t even own a car! Hire an article writer who is also a car enthusiast to come up with a strong article.

Remember that providing information through your articles is a sure fire way to drive targeted traffic to your site. And in the Internet world, traffic means profit!

Originally posted 2010-08-31 14:38:01.