11 Facts and Figures on Twitter

Strange Facts and Figures about Twitter

Twitter is such a large social networking service that it gets more than 15,000 tweets per minutes. There are a number of facts and figures that are related with the twitter. Few of these facts are given below while other can be searched and experienced over twitter itself.

1)  62% of the twitter users belong to United States of America. This shows the popularity of social networking services in America and the interaction between friends.

2)  The largest cities in the world which use the Twitter social networking service also belong to United States of America. New York City is among the cities which mostly use the twitter service. After New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and San Francisco hosts the largest number of twitter users.

3)  Brazil is ranked as 5th in the overall traffic ranking of Twitter. It is a strange fact because Brazil is not an English speaking country while English is the mostly used language in the twitter networks.

4)  The number of women on twitter is much more than the total number of men. Though there is a huge contribution of teen age and youngsters, but in even adults, women exceed men.

5)  Twitter is mostly used to tweet texts which can contain any type of information. No matter what you are sharing you will definitely see a link to “Tweet” on a number of related websites. Facebook, Myspace and other social networking websites also hosts twitter.

6)  Mostly, people below age 25 are using twitter. A number of applications and tools are used to post and tweet messages. Other tools are also in use to manage those tweets.

7)  73% of the total users of twitter joined twitter in the first five months of the year 2009. This shows the immense popularity and fast growth of the twitter in such a less time.

8)  15% of the twitter users posts more than one update every day. Though the percentage is comparatively less but 15% of total twitter users make it in millions.

9)  There are also a great number of people who have never posted a tweet. About 20% of the total registered users have never posted a tweet.

10) It is a very strange fact that the 75% of the overall activity of twitter is hosted by less than 5% of the users of twitter. That’s truly strange.

11) Most of the Apple iPhone users who use twitter belong to United States of America. This shows the high usage of twitter from USA.

These are very few facts which are associated with this social networking service of Twitter. There are a number of other hidden facts about twitter which you can learn in a number of forums and blogs.


Twitter hold millions of users every day tweeting almost each and every walk of life. There are a number of facts and figures associated with Twitter. The most important figure is that most of the people who use twitter belong to United States of America. After USA, Canada is hosts a lot number of twitter users.

Do you think the United States will always have the majority of Twitter users?

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Originally posted 2010-01-20 11:18:41.