Digital Marketing Consultant in Topeka Kansas

When to hire a Digital Marketing Consultant in Topeka, KS

Do you know what to look for in a digital marketing consultant when promoting your small business in Kansas? A digital marketing consultant is an individual who is highly skilled in Internet marketing. An expert in your local market, full of great marketing ideas and knows how to increase conversions and lower bounce rate. Exactly what terms a digital marketing consultant focuses on depends largely on the client needs. Some of the items a digital marketing consultant will prioritize are as marketing consultant Topeka Kansas

Digital Marketing Consultant – Topeka, KS

  • Improve overall branding so it’s consistent across all platforms and easy to remember to the users
  • Educate clients on how to engage your customers through social media campaigns and various social media platforms
  • Discover opportunities for your business to interact and support existing customer while building new leads
  • Ongoing audits and reports of existing marketing tactics, social media, SEO and email marketing campaigns in order to optimizing your marketing plan and effective use of time
  • Fully managed digital marketing campaigns ran by social media, local marketing, SEO and email marketing.
  • Optimize website for Google schema, rich cards and bing/yahoo webmaster tools in order to control your local SEO marketing campaign
  • Track analytics and monitor success rates to ensure you’re receiving optimal results. Using Google analytics Google search and SEO tools like Screaming Frog SEO
  • Schedule and optimize content over all platforms like blogs, landing pages ensuring the SEO is correct so Google and other search engines will rank you above the fold

Top skills for a digital marketing consultant

As with any job it takes the right kind of skills to do your job successfully and it’s no different for a digital marketing consultant. The necessity to constantly keep up with Google and how they update their search engine ranking algorithms in required. In order to be a successfully digital marketing consultant in Topeka KS you have to keep on your toes. Constantly researching and testing and refining is required for online marketing. Being aware of the local market, your target market as well as your intentional market and being able to organize the data for each is important. What improvement do you wish you could tackle with your online marketing campaigns? Do you have great products but no one is viewing them online?

Sheley Enterprises – a Digital Marketing Consultant out of Topeka

I’ve been offering online marketing products for years as well as web designing and security testing. Contact me, Brandon Sheley, on my business site Sheley Enterprises today. I’m more then happy to answer questions or send out a full on SEO site audit. Anything to help with web design, development and marketing is my specialty.


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