Do you Constantly Build Backlinks to Your Sites


Building backlinks to your websites is something you should always be considering

You can comment on blogs and forums with links back to your website. You can do article and link directory submissions to build links. You can ask other bloggers to write about your services on their blogs. You can also ask your friends to link up to your webpages.

One of the best ways to get linked to is by postBacklinksing quality content that will naturally be linked back. This is the best way to get links are requires the least about of effort on your part. This is called “Link Bait” marketing. This is because you are “baiting” everyone to link back to your articles without them even knowing that this was your intent the entire time.

The first step when I’m starting off with a new website is social networking, link and article directories. This is one step that can take a bit of time, that’s why I like to use automated software to do the boring work for me, or subcontract it out.

Before any of this, you must SEO your site, make sure the title tags are in place, and that your META info is updated and unique on every page. I could go on and on about how to SEO your website, I’ll wait for another blog post to go on about that.

Keep building those backlinks and quality content, and your websites will be a success.

Originally posted 2009-03-01 21:59:07.