Build Your Personal Brand

How do you brand yourself or your business, where do you stop? I’ll list off some of the ways I’ve continued to build my brand, and some things you can do to build your personal brand.

As some of you know, I recently sold a website dedicated to helping vBulletin admins. On that forum I had two sections, one that listed off all the clients I had worked with (that approved to be mentioned) & one that listed several of the testimonials from those clients. At the time of selling that forum I had worked on over 300 vBulletin sites. This was over a 3-year span & many of those admins would need repeat work (vB upgrades, new sites etc..). When I sold the site I built a new “vBulletin Services” page on this blog. Right around that same time that I sold the site, I picked up a great job with the state – I’m still very happy employed and loving it. I knew that I wouldn’t be taking on as many jobs as before, so promoting the services back on this blog wasn’t a priority.

I’m starting to clear up some time and thought I might as well take care of this so I can mark it off my list. I’m going to re-post all the clients I had worked with, a general outline of what I did and a link/screenshot to their site. I’ll setup a category for my clients and testimonials. I also have the option with the current style to display 9 featured client sites. I think it says something about webhosting right now, and you might see the screenshots displayed across the top, those will be changed soon, I’m hoping to have everything transferred over by the end of this next week. I may not end up using this green style you see, I want to have an option to show featured post on the home page, like my IPB vs vBulletin post should be on the front, it was getting a lot of comments, as well as a few others that have a high comment count.

So this is how I’ll continue to build my brand, by showing the work I’ve done and what my clients say about me. In the 3+ years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never had an upset customer with problems that we couldn’t resolve. Usually it’s a communication error, and that’s one of the reasons I like to talk on the phone with clients, but I request all site requirements done via email. That way I have a solid copy and know exactly what a client wants. It’s best to be clear and concise and keep good documentation of the work at hand.

In short, all my subscribers will get a few updates with a dozen or so post it in, I’ll try to get through them as fast as possible so it’s not so annoying for the subscribers.

Thanks as always for all the support!

Originally posted 2010-05-30 11:22:45.