What the Bigwigs Do for Social Media Marketing

Those who are exploring the expansive world of social media and digital marketing could learn a thing or two about it from the bigwig companies who have made it to the top of their business niche.

5 companies and their strategies for handling Social Media Marketing:


ATT Social Media MarketingOverall, AT&T knows exactly how to run social media marketing. Their blog posts relay updates about their products, and they respond to their customers’ ideas and concerns (positive or negative) promptly. They also have a Spanish blog for their non-English speaking customers. They have some videos of new products on Youtube and a video contest. On one website, they have pictures and short mentions of big celebrity events linking back to an entertainment portion of the AT&T website called U-verse. This is a company that models an excellent social media marketing strategy.

Best Buy

Best Buy Social Media MarketingThe CMO, Barry Judge, seems to manage most of their social media marketing. Most recent was a holiday charity. These always offer valuable improvements in business ethics and reputation. One thing I was really impressed with was his quick response to a controversial issue that was in the blog, which mentioned an alternative faith’s seasonal holiday. He updates his consumers and answers their questions quickly. With 15,800 followers on Twitter, this massive giant isn’t doing too badly.


Coke Social Media MarketingWhile Coca-Cola has a blog, the majority of their customer communication comes from micro-blogging. Their Twitter account has around 154,000 followers. Excellent customer appreciation is when the company literally tells the customer that they love them back for loving their product. Aspiring bigwigs could learn something from this classic company. Coca-Cola also has a large facebook fan page campaign, that has been very successful, not to mention the extensive branding across the world. Coca-Cola is one of the oldest soft drinks in the world with a long and rich history.


Dell Social Media MarketingWith a blog that has millions of page views per month, Dell is doing something right.  They have implemented ‘Ideastorm’ to allow customers to talk directly with them about concerns or complaints. With this direct way of bringing customer dissatisfaction out into the limelight, Dell is compelled to respond because of how direct the medium of communication is. This is something that companies should consider doing as it builds trust between the company and customers. Dell is a company that tries to solve its problems and doesn’t hide from its customers’ dissatisfaction. That’s something as a consumer that I’ve come to respect.


Walmart Social Media MarketingThe nice thing about WalMart’s blog is that it’s well organized and has a friendly appeal to it. If a customer were to comment with a question or a concern, the organizers of this WalMart blog would respond to the concern in their next blog post. They also have twitter and RSS feeds.

The strategies implemented by these companies have one major thing in common: showing appreciation for the customer through direct mediums of communication. Company strategies for social media marketing are always evolving, whether they are for big or small companies. On the web, people can gain equal footing with bigwig companies and share in the competition. However, before this happens, companies will need to think like bigwigs before they can hope to succeed in social media marketing.

Originally posted 2011-01-17 14:45:52.