Advantages of Twitter Marketing for Your Business

What the Advantages of Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is a great social media tool, I’ll go over the advantages of Twitter and how to use it in your marketing campaign. There are millions of people who are tweeting this very moment and the phenomenon is not going to end anytime soon. The idea of tweeting “What are you doing right now” has caught on so well that we see even President Barack Obama on Twitter! Twitter is here to stay, at least for a while till something much simpler than Twitter comes on the net.

As such,  you take advantage of social media and tweet your Internet marketing business online? Twitter is a great business platform and it helps the consumers as much as it helps the businesses. However, just like any other thing, Twitter has its good points and bad points. Using Twitter for business purposes, hence, has its advantages and disadvantages.Advantages of Twitter Marketing

Advantages of Twitter

Your Internet marketing can be done free of cost if you use Twitter wisely. Your target market is out there for you to seek and understand. Understand from their tweets, their passion and interests. Do your research on your target market by following the tweets of your target market for better understanding. Identify the strategies used by your competitors by following their tweets as well.

Twitter allows you to network efficiently and with large groups of people. Twitter and its third party applications allow you to segregate and interact with your target markets effectively. You can direct your Internet marketing campaigns at relevant groups efficiently by using Twitter

Twitter allows you to communicate directly with your target market instantly. Normally, the process of communication takes time. For example, if you have a Website, the communication would be via polls, which are not personal or though contact forms which are time consuming and impersonal as well. With twitter, you can expect instant communication with your target market. You may have just posted a tweet, but a reply from your target market could come in an instant as well. Twitter helps you to gather real time intelligence from your very own target market as well as obtain valuable feedback. The speed of communication is just fantastic with Twitter. Moreover, your near approach helps to builds lasting relationship as you will come across as a company that cares for its consumers instead of just hard selling.

Disadvantages of Twitter

Twitter is the number one site for spammers. You will have to filter and weed out spammers from your lists from time to time, if you want to have a good gauge of your target market. Otherwise, the followers total will be an inflated number which will not help in your Internet marketing campaigns. Filtering spam tweets is a lot of hard work. Other means of Internet marketing may seem feasible in the long run.

Twitter is addictive. It is very easy to get distracted as you join in the conversations or receive tweets outside your business interests. You will have to strike a balance with getting friendly with your followers and meeting your Internet marketing objectives

In conclusion, how you want to use Twitter is up to you. Like any other means of communication, Twitter has its own advantages and disadvantages. Advantages far outweigh disadvantages. Hence, use Twitter for your Internet marketing needs and ensure that Twitter is used sparingly. Your tweets can be classified as spam as well, if you are just posting tweets with inks and not connecting with your followers.

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