5 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Most common mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Slow Response on Social MediaSocial Media Marketing

The pace of content on the web is fast, and that means that you have to keep up in Social Media Marketing. If a customer asks you something or has a concern, it would be wise to respond in a timely manner. This not only shows the customer that you care about him and his or her time, but that you care about all customers and their time. Also, if your company gets involved in a controversial social media mess, it’s best to address it as quickly as possible. Letting people speculate about your involvement in a controversy can damage the company’s reputation.

Inexperienced Social Voices

In the effort to keep up with social media advancements, many companies have hired young, technology savvy writers to keep up with social media marketing demands. The drawback to this is their judgment may not be in the best interest of your company. If a customer’s concern causes them to become defensive, it could make your company look bad. As long as the people you hire can demonstrate their maturity in handling your customers, you can be sure that this will be one mistake you avoid.

Pretending To Be the Consumer

This is a big one. No consumer wants to involve themselves with a company who is so blatantly dishonest in their marketing strategy. This devious strategy is known as ‘identity cloaking’ and can get your company in some hot water if anyone finds out who the blog or website really belongs to. Ultimately, it becomes an embarrassment to the company and to the consumers. It would take the same amount of time building genuine customer relations as it would repairing your reputation from a stunt like this. Obviously, the former would be less hassle and would mean better customer relations.

Lack of a Long Term Plan on a Social Media Outlet

Establishing the presence of your company in social media marketing is very important. Whichever outlets your company decides to use, be sure to establish your presence on those websites. This means completing a full profile, an attractive picture or logo, and quality content. Also, find out how other companies connect with their consumers on the website. This is also important in a long term plan, as this plan will become the basis of your consumer base on the website.

Social Media MarketingNot Establishing Consumer Relationships

This one cannot be stressed enough. This is the most important part of social media marketing! If consumers feel that their input is being ignored, they will leave your website and probably not come back. What’s the point of creating online presence if you aren’t going to encourage them to come back, or respond with their thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or questions? If you take time out for them, they will take time out for your company. Engage every consumer through your social media outlet, and they will eventually return the favor. Treat them like people, not objects to be bought or sold.

These tips will clear up many future problems that you might encounter down the road. While there are many others that companies should avoid, these five can usually cause the most complications. Avoid these mistakes, and you will come to realize the great potential that can be found in social media marketing.

Originally posted 2010-11-28 22:50:26.