Sheley Enterprises

My name is Brandon Sheley

Offering Wordpress support, setup and installs along with supporting forums like vbulletin, ipb, xenforo and phpbb for over 10 years. Optimizing your Wordpress, xenForo and vBulletin install, offering help and 24 hour support is what I thrive on. Being a content strategy and online marketing provider is the best job in the world. I started supporting forums & blogs in 2005 after noticing there was a market for something I enjoyed doing and I was able to do it well. I focused on forum owners running vBulletin in the beginning, which moved to xenForo forum owners as well as bloggers using Wordpress. I specialize in technical SEO and security audits, along with installs, upgrades and custom development.

Online History

So here is a little history about my interactions with computers, well at least the somewhat recent stuff. I remember dial-up, I remember using the internet at night because the speeds would be better than they were during the day. I also remember if you got a call while you’ll online it would kill your

I met some great guys and ended up running my first forum on phpBB around 2003. After years if phpbb2 I went to try IPB and finally to vBulletin which I’ve been very happy with since. (Well for the most part) I started up Sheley Enterprises in 2007 and have been offering Forum Services since then. I do have a full-time job now and with a kid in the house, I don’t have as much time as I use to.

I’ve always really enjoyed working on forums and making them a success, I enjoy showing others what I know about forums and marketing them so that their forums are a success as well. I’m very much into Social Media and the power behind it. The fact that anyone can get real time news results via Twitter is just amazing. Also that anyone can report the news or historical event hours before the mainstream media would even be on location. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, I do have a LinkedIn account as well that you’re welcome to follow me on.

Contact me if you have any questions.

-Brandon Sheley