Sheley Enterprises

Website Coming Soon!

I’m Brandon Sheley, owner of Sheley Enterprises, a content strategy and online marketing provider. This post is a placeholder until the the launch of which should be coming soon! I started this company in 2005 after noticing there was a market for something I enjoyed doing and I was able to do it well. You can get an idea of my work history from LinkedIn as well as my old company pages on my blog. These will be moved over when this site is ready to launch as well as any testimonials and client list.

In the past I had focused on forum owners running vBulletin which has turned into xenForo. I’m not going to get into it now but the vBulletin market share bottomed out 7 years ago so that work isn’t as plentiful as it was. I’m building this site to maintain forum and blog frameworks, specializing on technical seo and security audits.

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